Healing Testimonies

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I believe the Lord is exhorting us to continue to possess the inheritance passed down to us by Gordon and Freda Lindsay and to contend in prayer and deed for the faith.

Malachi 4:2

“But to you who fear My name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings…”

Incurable Lung Disease Healed

Last September Ms. Patsy Milam was hospitalized with what the doctor thought was a case of double Pneumonia but after some further test and several trips to the hospital the final diagnosis was an incurable lung disease that was progressing very quickly. The doctor prepared papers for her to be labeled as being disabled. She had many people praying for her and when she visited the Healing Place the Healing team agreed with her in prayer for her healing. She went back to the doctor and he confirmed that there was no longer any sign of the disease. The doctor stated that in his 25 years of practice he had never seen anything like this before. He said there is no explanation for this – it must be a miracle! It’s such a delight when a doctor confirms what only God can do. Glory to God!

Pain in ear healed

I came in with pain in my left ear. A word of knowledge came forth from Pastor Alta, she prayed for me and I receive my healing. The pain is gone. Thank you Jesus, now I can hear without the pain. – S. Amanor

Broken bones healed

I broke my arm six months ago and God told me to let my arm hang. Those were the words. I went to the doctor and she said to let my arms hang, that gravity will cause the bones to line up. Through the agreement of prayer the bones have lined up. Pastor Sally (volunteer at the Healing Place) has been agreeing with me for this healing. The bones have lined up but now I am waiting on physical therapy for the muscle mass to loosen. Today I was able to raise my hand and the muscle mass has loosen after prayer. – L. Bruns

Deaf ears healed

Miriam Sprague brought her mom (Rosaura) to the Healing Place for prayer. Rosaura had a problem with her hearing and needs hearing aids to hear. She received prayer and can now hear without the hearing aids. Glory to God!

Pressure behind the eye healed

God continues His faithfulness in our midst. One of our Brazilian students received healing at the Healing Place yesterday from pressure behind the left eye after hearing the word of God and receiving prayer for healing. Glory to God!

Injured back completely healed

“Since May of 2013, I began to have minor back pain that within two months became so severe I could not move. My muscles were so tight and spastic. I went to the chiropractor four times a week for nine months, had two MRIs, and a nerve test, but the doctor could not find the cause. I have taken eight different types of medication and was on three different types of sleeping pills that did not work. I rapidly gained weight, causing frustration and stress. I spent many nights crying and calling out to God for healing. Many prayed for me; nothing worked. I gave up and went to The Healing Place.

“Andrew helped me renew my perspective on healing and faith. He explained that God is not broken or to be referred to as “not working.” He explained that pain is a liar; it comes from the enemy, who is a liar. My whole perspective changed. I was able to believe again. I was unable to make the weekly prayer sessions, but just by reading the healing book, following the prayer schedule, declaring Scripture, and every time I felt the pain I claimed “I am healed,” within two weeks I was completely healed. Any time I feel like the pain tries to come back, I declare healing and remind myself that pain is a liar—not from God. I am not only healed, but I now have a greater understanding of healing and faith in God to fulfill His promises.” Louisa Resendez

Pregnant woman healed

Pregnant woman healed from internal bleeding after the healing team prayed for her in the hospital.

Pain in lower left side healed

The Lord bless me with a healing His power came over me, I leave with no pain after prayer. C. Acevedo

Woman with pain in chest healed

I came with pain in my chest from a 4 month long chest infection and a need for spiritual refreshing from the Lord. The prayer ministers prayed for me and now I am completely healed. M. Salisbury (New Zealand)

A second chance

Mr. James Baker