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Christ For The Nations has a rich heritage of the supernatural demonstration of healing and the miraculous! Today we still walk in the inheritance passed down from generation to generation. Jesus is still the same yesterday, today, and forever! Come and experience healing for your spirit, soul and body.


Thank you for attending the CFNI Healing Certification Seminar 2019! You can now view the sessions you missed. For anyone else who would like to complete the entire training you can register here: https://cfni.regfox.com/cfni-healing-certification-seminar-online-training


Individuals – $40

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CFNI Healing Certification Seminar 2019!


Wednesday, September 11th

Billy & Marianne Allen


Dr. Daniel King


Laurie Graves






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Prayer Request & Praise Report

Prayer Request
Praise Report
CFNI Healing Certification Seminar

Resources and Lessons

Healing Certification Seminar 2019 – How to establish and operate a healing center – PowerPoint
Principles of Healing & Miracles Class-09/04/19
The Gifts of Healing
The Gifts of Healing
May 3, 2019
God’s Word Has Power
God’s Word Has Power
May 24, 2016
Listen to the Audio Recording of this class on SoundCloud or check out the video below. Watch the Video:
Divine Healing and Health
Divine Healing and Health
November 7, 2015
The Lesson Objective: TO UNDERSTAND HOW AND WHY THERE CAN BE HINDRANCES TO HEALING. 1. Principles of healing. Divine healing and health is a God-given covenant right to all bel...
The Healing Workbook
The Healing Workbook
March 12, 2015
Christ For The Nations is not new to God’s healing, signs and wonders. Our founders, Gordon and Freda Lindsay, were involved with the healing movement and big tent revivals from the early 19
Lesson 1: God’s Will Concerning Healing.
Lesson 1: God’s Will Concerning Healing.
February 27, 2014
Lesson 1- God's Will Concerning Healing